The Space Treaty Project
SIGN THE PETITION!  The Space Treaty Project has started an online petition asking the United
States Senate to ratify the Moon Treaty.  To read the details and consider signing, click
The mission of The Space Treaty Project is to restore humanity's
hope for the future by providing an alternative to the wars,
violence, and neglect that have dominated our history.  It will do
so by educating the public about the Moon Treaty, aka the
Agreement Governing The Activities Of States On The Moon And
Other Celestial Bodies.  The Treaty, proposed by the United
Nations but not yet ratified by the United States and other space-
faring nations, calls for an international framework of laws that
will provide legal certainty for economic interests while protecting
the "Common Heritage of Mankind".  It would also ensure that the
benefits of space exploration and development are shared with
all nations, no matter how small or technologically advanced.

The Space Treaty Project will track scientific, legal, and
commercial developments in the exploration and use of outer
space. It will analyze how the Moon Treaty affects, and is
affected by, such developments, while providing links to related
articles and videos. For the full text of the Moon Treaty and all
the treaties and principles adopted by the United Nations, click

You can support the Project by purchasing Major Tom, a book
written by the Project's founder, Dennis O'Brien. Proceeds from
the book will be dedicated to the Project and its mission. Click
here to purchase.

Major Tom is a realistic, near-future story of two Chinese
taikonauts and their U.S. counterparts who get caught up in the
race to establish the first permanent human settlement on the
Moon. Their idealism conflicts with national leaders who want
their own country’s economic system and political philosophy to
dominate. At stake is humanity’s destiny as we leave our home
planet and begin our journey to other celestial bodies. Who will

Major Tom is one part political thriller, one part science fiction,
and one part romance. It entertains the reader while exploring the
future of space exploration and commercial development. A must
read for those interested in the next great conflict - and the next
great cause.
The Space Treaty Project is fiscally sponsored by the Cloud Forest Institute, an educational and
scientific 501c3 tax exempt non-profit corporation. Tax deductible donations on behalf of the
Space Treaty Project can be mailed to Cloud Forest Institute, PO Box 1435, Ukiah, CA 95482 or
made online at Please note Space Treaty Project in the memo line of your
donation. We thank you for your support.